The varicocele in the modern andrologia occupies a place of relief among the causes of male infertility. The varicocele relatively has a tall incidence according to the statistics drawn by the visits of lever. You believes that around the 10% of the young adults is carrier of a varicocele. 
For varicocele he intends above all the varicose expansion of the veins of the spermatic funicolo to level of the testicle. 
Generally the varicocele is symptomatic; only in the most advanced stadiums the patient accusation a sense of weight to the emiscroto or a feeling of pain gravativo. The diagnosis in case of  (DEGREE OF VARICOCELE) it is already possible to the simple one to the simple visual inspection, while the palpation of the venous heap or the single venous tortuosities gives diagnosis of certainty. 
A diagnostic tool of as many validity is the Flussometria Doppler. 
In the last years, it would seem to exist a direct correlation between degree of V. and degree of sub fertility or INFERTILITY The first hypothesis of damage is that of an increase of the temperature of the testicle. 
In conclusion, to avoid possible harmful effects that the V. has on the infertilitą, imposes him a decisive medical therapy. It is seen, in fact, that in sterile subjects or with redoubt spermatic functionality is had a resumption of the fertility and an improvement of the conditions of the sperms after interventions of varicocelectomia. In fact the casuistry brings an improvement of the spermiogram in the 70% of the cases and one happened fertilization in the 55% of the cases.