SEXUAL DISTURBS                   


The sexual dysfunctions are exclusively not debit troubles of the male sexuality due to organic factors. There are various clinical forms: 

- Inhibition of the sexual desire that corresponds to the sexual inappetence; 

- Inhibition of the sexual excitement that corresponds to the erectile impotence; 

- Inhibition of the orgasm denominated anorgasmia or delayed orgasm; 

- Precocious ejaculation that is defined as an ejaculation that is verified before the person desires him. 

As it regards the psychological causes we don't find essential conditions to the disorder but factors that they often contribute to his slatentitation and continuation. We can gather her in: 

- Anxiety or fear of failure, 

  of the sex, 

   of the illness, 

   of the desire, 

   of the refusal of the woman, 

   of the conflict with the partner. 

- Disgust I pour the sex toward the female sexual organ. 

- Latent homosexuality. 

- To feel himself guilty for unfaithfulness. 

- The widowhood. 

- Psychiatric disorders. 

The psychiatric troubles that can be found again more commonly in the patient that they complain about one of the various forms of impotence I am: 

- Neurosis of anxiety 

- Hysterical neurosis 

- Obsessive neurosis 

- Neurosis from stress 

- Depression, which primarily acts on the slope of the inhibition of the desire. 

- Perversions or rather the appearance of excitement towards objects and erotic situations that don't reenter in the normal formalities of the sexual activity and that they can interfere multilevel on the ability to reciprocally develop an affectionate sexual activity.