PENIS DIMENTION                   

The normal dimensions of the penis it is above all a recurrent question the ambulatory Experts of Andrologia for young adults. 

In the adult, to punishments flabby, the middle length is around the 10 cms with a circumference of 9cm; in complete erection it would become in average along 15 cms with a circumference of 12cm. The “micropene” (inferior length to the 10cm in erection) it is very rare. 

Possible therapies: 

The therapy pharmacology with hormones and reserved only to the rare cases of ipogonadismo (due hormonal illness to an insufficient production of hormones androgens). 

Surgical therapy is applied to the adult subject. 

The intervention calls "falloplastic of extension"; the result consists of increasing the extension of the penis of around 2 cms. The surgical access doesn't determine visible residual scars and this intervention it doesn't determine modifications to the diameter and the circumference of the penis. 

Recently It have been set special regulating full of dictates “writers.” At the moment we don't have enough scientific data published in literature that allow us to affirm their effectiveness. You warmly dissuades to use them. The same discourse is worth for you advertise her creams, ointments, natural techniques, “gymnastics” various and of every type 

A discourse apart they deserve the “anomalous bending of the penis” that  can be congenital or you acquire after traumas or fibrosis. In the cases in which the “recurvatum” is such to negatively be interfered with the sexual activity (defect of rigidity, pain to the partner etc…), or it creates some ugly and psychological problems that can surgically be effected  the penis (with corporoplastic thecnique ).