Impotence or erectile Dysfunction       

What is the erectile dysfunction? 

The erectile dysfunction is the incapability to reach or to maintain enough erection for a satisfactory sexual activity. Following the negative connotation commonly attributed at the term "impotence", the more appropriate "erectile dysfunction." has replaced  it.  

Many men occasionally have problems of erection in some period of the life; but for others it represents a frequent problem. This condition is very diffused. concerning, in the world, over 100 million men. 

The erectile dysfunction is not something of which to be ashamed. 

Possession an erectile dysfunction doesn't mean not to be fertile or not to be able of to have an orgasm or an ejaculation. Since it has been verified the fact that the erection is not in partnership to the orgasm and the ejaculation, the man affection from erectile dysfunction is not had to feel oppressed by the idea of  beeing somehow deprived of virility or power. 

It is important not to feel himself in guilt if the partner suffers from erectile dysfunction. 

In the most greater part of the cases the erectile dysfunction can be treated. 

The erectile dysfunction is a problem of the man, but it often concerns the couple. With the support of an appropriated information the woman can be of help to her own partner. 

How does the erection happen? 

The erection is the result of a complex trial that involves the vascular system and the central nervous system. 

The anatomy of the penis is specifically structured for developing this function. 

The penis is formed from two structures that have origin inside the pelvis and they race parallel among them up to that they reach the extremity of the penis. These structures are formed by fabric  rich in blood vases. Generally, the walls of these blood vases are contracted. This prevents that an excessive quantity of blood flows out inside the penis maintaining the state of flabbiness of it for the majority of the time. 

When a man is sexually stimulated the arterial vases of the penis  dilate  allowing so the rapid influx of blood to the organ. At the same time, the veins that generally drain the blood from the penis are compressed, reducing so the quantity of blood that can flow out from the penis. Increasing the flow of blood in entrance, and blood's flow reducing itself in exit, the penis increases its own dimensions and reaches the erection. 

Which are the causes of erectile dysfunction? 

In the men affected by erectile dysfunction  the biochemical reactions responsible of the erection  don't normally happen, for this motive the arterial vases don't sufficiently dilate  and the penis cannot fill him with blood. 

Once it is thought, amiss, that the dysfunction erectile pits a predominantly psychological problem or an inevitable result of the aging. While it is being true that the age can represent a factor favorente, it is not correct to sustain that the erectile dysfunction is a due inevitable condition to the aging. It is  instead by now known that the majority of the cases of erectile dysfunction is in partnership to organic causes. 

Other communes factors of risk are: 

- other pathologies that reduce the flow of blood to the penis what the high blood pressure, the diabetes, high-levels of cholesterol and the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis); 

- traumatic pathologies to load of the nerves or illnesses that interrupt the connection between the nervous system and the penis, what traumas of the backbone, multiple sclerosis, ictus or surgical interventions on the prostate or on the colon; 

- psychological conditions, what the anxiety and the stress; 

- other conditions clinics what renal or liver pathologies, depression or hormonal unbalances; 

- medicines that can provoke, as collateral effect, the erectile dysfunction as those inclusive in the following categories: diuretics, medicines for the high blood pressure, medicines that lower the cholesterol,  antidepressants, some medicines  (FANS) and medicines antiepilectis; 

- smoke of cigarettes, abuse of alcohol, or use of drugs. To know more about the specific causes of the erectile dysfunction of it is to talk well to  own physician of it. 

Can The erectile dysfunction be taken care of? 

Yes. The good news is that, to put aside from the causes, the majority of the cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated. The patient ones can now have a variety of therapeutic options among which to choose, and they can discuss of these options with  own physician. 

Today we have to our disposition for the diagnosis of the insufficiency erectil, besides the examinations of laboratory (hormonal dosing) also numerous diagnostic tools. Among these it needs to distinguish those that allow dignostic applications  of simple execution and not invasive; as the rigiscan and the Doppler flussimetria and others probably more indicatives but more invades you and  less frequent application in comparison to the first ones; among these we remember the arteriografia selective of the pudendes and of the basal peniene and with test with the PGE1 and the cavernosografia. 

Medical therapy 
The specific terpy concerns medicines able to quickly restore the erections. Such medicines are considered that is vasoactive able to improve the influx of blood. In the last years the elective medicine is the prostaglandina PgE1. Therapy is effected through of the painless microiniezionis of easy application served as the same patient after a suitable teaching from the expert, that has to be always available in case of necessity. It has an high percentage of success: around 70% of the cases. Medical therapy has known in the last times a revolution with the introduction of the VIAGRA. (THE SO-CALLED BLUE PILL). This assumed medicine an hour before the relationship is effective in high percentage of the cases whereas you deal with psychological problem list organic or of light entity. There are other medicines that must be assumed for  more note it is the yohimbina. 

Surgical therapy 

Surgical therapy represents the definitive therapy to the erectile problem. You resorts to the surgery in some congenital defects, in the traumas and in the fibroses and calcifications. To definitely resolve the problem him applies to the therapy protesica. With this intervention they are inserted inside the bodies cavernous two cylinders of inactive material that go to replace the lack of blood getting so a satisfactory erection. The prostheses can be activated and disarm to the necessity reproducing the normal erectile mechanism. 

The prostheses, must be said, that don't interfere with the sensibility and with the ejaculation. The support psyco terapyst must not only be effected in a lot of appeals as therapy of base but amche as important completion to the medical and surgical therapy. 

In conclusion, the erectile dysfunction is not a problem anymore thanks to the last results gotten by the medical science in the last years, both in the diagnostic field and in the therapeutic field.