For precocious ejaculation it  intends the incapability of the subject to check the reflex ejaculatorious for enough once to a normal satisfactory sexual relation for him and for his partner. This  sexual disturb  is the most frequent and it strikes around the 40% of the male population in sexually active age. 

The precocious ejaculation is said primary, when it interested the person since the beginning of its sexual life; secondary when it arrives in a second moment instead. 

The ejaculation can be of psychological nature or of organic nature also holding in consideration the fact that the psychological uneasiness almost always accompanies the organic trouble. 

In some cases the precocious ejaculation is the expression of the erectile difficulty. In other cases it is symptom of a neurological hypersensitivity that can derive from illnesses of the peripheral nerves: or from irritations of the bone marrow (as in the case of the hernia discale). The inflammations of the male genital apparatus, as for as, the inflammations of the uretra, of the prostate, of the glans and of the seminal vesicles it can result in an E.P. what obviously he resolves when these are taken care of. 

The therapy of the E.P. primary it has to follow a perfect sexual re-education and through some techniques that teach to the person to recognize and to check the various phases of the sexual excitement, in more with the use of some medicines.