Now the apomorphina is available also in Italy , a new medicine that finds indication in the treatment of the impotence (erectile dysfunction). Uprima, Ixense and Taluvian are the commercial names of the medicine, available in pharmacy behind presentation of prescription, in two different dosing (2 mgs and 3 mgs) and in two different wrappings (2 or 4 compressed). 

The apomorphina is a product of the morphine but the different structure chemistry it confers her a mechanism of action very similar to that of the dopamina, a substance that, to level of the central nervous system, it stimulates the sexual answer. The apomorphina, so, likewise acting to the dopamina, it favors a series of physiological reactions that conduct to the erection. 
As it regards the effectiveness, the conducted studies have underlined that the apomorphina is able to produce a fit erection for a satisfactory sexual relation in 45% around of the patients against the 32% of those that had assumed a tablet container the alone exipient and not the medicine (placebo). Studies that have currently compared the activity of the apomorphina with the other available treatments for the treatment of the impotence don't exist (es. sildenafil, alprostadil). It is not possible to establish therefore, for direct comparison, if this new medicine is already more effective in comparison to those in commerce, but, on the base of an indirect comparison, it probably results less effectiveness. 
The effect more frequent undesired is the nausea whose incidence increases in relationship to the assumed dose, followed by cefalea, dizziness, drowsiness, perspiration, yawns and decrease of the arterial pressure. For the possible appearance of undesired effects  as dizziness and dizziness, are advisable not to put on to the guide of vehicles for the two following hours to the assumption of the medicine. 
The tablets must generally be loosened under the language and the effect of the medicine he manifests after 20 minutes, even if it can exist a variability from a subject to the other. To favor its breakup is advisable to humidify the mouth with a sip of water. The tablet curtains to melt  herself completely in the turn of 10 minutes; if she is swallowed it annuls him the activity pharmacological, but possible residues remained under the language after 20 minutes you can be swallowed. 
The apomorphina is contraindicated in the people with cardiac problems (es. serious unstable angina, recent heart attack, serious cardiac insufficiency) or under other conditions in which sexual activity is dissuaded; besides, for the risk of a diminution of the arterial pressure, she must be assumes with caution from who is in treatment with nitrates, antipertensivi and in concomitance with alcoholic drinks. It is up to in every case to the physician to appraise, of time in time and in relationship to the clinical conditions of the patient, the possible employment of the medicine.